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Plan your wheels


Not sure where to start? Try answering these questions...

1. What don't my current wheels offer me that I want/need/require?

Reliability, stiffness, aerodynamic performance, reduced weight, aesthetics etc.

2. Have I a vague idea of what I'm after? Yes/No

3. What are my budget limitations? <$600, $600 - $1000, $1000-$1500 etc

4. Have I called/emailed Gilead Wheel Co. to discuss my options? Yes/No

5. I think I should contact Gilead Wheel Co.


Good wheels shouldn't cost the earth. Speak to us about your budget requirements/limitations. We specialise in crafting custom wheels across a range of price points. 

Rider weight

If you are a larger rider odds are off the shelf or online bought wheels aren't for you. Choose a higher spoke count and a stiffer rim and you'll be rewarded with a hassle free, long lasting wheelset. We will advise you of an appropriate spoke count on consultation.

Wheel weight

Reduce wheel weight by opting for lighter spokes and alloy (rather than brass) nipples. Ultra light weight components are generally not suitable for high mileage applications. 

Ride quality

For all applications consider a wider rim and a high quality tyre.  19mm internal width for road rims is a good starting point as is 28mm for MTB rims. Consider frame clearance when moving to a wider rim/tyre.

Carbon vs alloy rims 

Carbon rims tend to be stiffer than alloy rims but alloy rims are already plenty stiff. Deep rims look great and may offer aerodynamic benefits but can cause steering instability in windy conditions. Carbon rims are generally safe for rim brakes provided rim care is observed and proper braking technique used. 

Wheel maintenance

A 'good' set of wheels should be reliable above all else. We typically use j bend spokes and favour hubs with standard bearing sizes. All of our wheels come standard with free 6, 12 and 24 month servicing as well as complimentary pre- race/pre-travel inspection.